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Caremark Trimester Report
Pharmacist performing med sync

Minimize DIR Fees, Maximize Profits

Work On Your Pharmacy,
Not In Your Pharmacy

  • Become a Rockstar Leader & Master Delegator

  • Slash On Hand Inventory

  • Swoon Patients & Physicians

  • Crush Medication Adherence issues

  • Exceed Your Pharmacies Potential

Pharmacist Medication Synchronization
med sync chart

Step 1

Let's get to know each other by figuring out where you are now and where you want to go during our year working together.

Roadmap to lower
DIR Fees

Step 2

We take a targeted approach to implement and grow your med sync program to drive adherence and reduce DIR Fees. Adopting appointment based pharmacy enables room for services expansion later.

med sync chart
medication synchronization pharmacist
pharmacy automation
med sync chart

Step 3

Thanks to our sync program, we can maximize our inventory turns to 25+ easily with just in time ordering. Reducing our on hand inventory is a good way to prepare for the 2024 Q1 cash crunch created by DIR fee rule changes. 

Step 4
Patient Optimization

As we go develop our sync program I teach your staff to take steps to then optimize each patient for both clinical and profitable outcomes. This is the phase where we start to see the most change in our P&L statements. 

med sync chart
med sync pharmacist
AI Medication Synchronization

Why work with
Pharmacy Stan?

21 Years of Experience

In community chain and independent pharmacy settings. 

Dedicated to Your Success

I haven't lost money at a pharmacy and I don't intend to start now. 

Moneyback Guarantee

If I don't pay for myself by the end of our agreement, I will refund you in full.

What Pharmacy Owners
Think of Working With Me 

“Stan has been an integral part of our team. Together we have implemented a med sync program that previously didn't exist and added 15,000 scripts to my prescription volume in under 6 months”

Pharmacy Owner, South FL

Linkedin PharmacyStan 2023

Nice to
Meet You

I'm Stan, Pharmacy Stan.

I'm passionate about the business of pharmacy and ensuring independent pharmacies thrive. We may not know each other yet, but here are 10 fun facts about me before you hire me, a total stranger, off the internet.

  1. I'm not a pharmacist. My degree is in Finance.

  2. I last worked for Pharmacy Development Services.

  3. I started my career with CVS Pharmacy.

  4. Curiosity is my superpower.

  5. I have a lilac french bulldog named Dude.

  6. I split my time between New York, NY & Miami, FL

  7. I used to be a competitive gamer.

  8. I'm obsessed with AI. 

  9. I have wrestled 12' tiger sharks on the beach.

  10. I had 200 free range chickens as a teenager.

Cross Patterns

Are you ready to minimize dir fees
& maximize profits?

med sync ai
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