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Pharmacy Stan

Stanley Warren

Over the last two decades, I have helped more than 100 pharmacies increase their profitability, productivity and efficiency while serving over 1 million patients in both retail and independent pharmacy settings.


In 2020 I hit my bottom. I had a lot of unhealthy habits so I made a change and left Manhattan and headed south to Florida following the trend.


I got in shape, lost 40lbs and did a lot of work on myself as a person.

I finally stopped trying to escape from the pharmacy and decided to embrace it. 


Pharmacy Stan was born and my Linkedin journey began on Jan 1 2021. 

Fast forward to Jan 2022, I was recruited to Pharmacy Development Services, “PDS” where I started to truly lean into my passion of pharmacy helping more than 40 owners across the country do some of the things I did in my previous VP of Pharmacy Operations role, where I joke I was an “owner” without equity. 


Unfortunately PDS closed its doors after 24 years in November of 2022 with no notice.


That brings us to today. I fell in love with the work I was doing at PDS so I decided to continue privately working with Pharmacy Owners in the same coaching and consulting role both virtually and in person.


What can I do for you?

→ Minimize DIR Fees, Maximize Profits (No more dispensing blindly, that's gambling)
→ Slash On Hand Inventory (25+ inventory turns)
→ Swoon Patients & Physicians (reduce labor, streamline process, increase volume)
→ Crush Medication Adherence (ace your trimester reports and cms ratings with med sync)
→ Develop New Revenue Streams (Non PBM revenue is swell)
→ Leverage Technology to Data Mine valuable insights (1 cold email netted a pharmacy $150k+)
→ Automate boring stuff (automate reports, licensing reminders, medicare consults, immunizations)
→ And so much more

How does it work?

Coaching & Consulting Package:
→ Monthly 1:1 meeting with Owner/PIC for strategic planning and goal setting for 1 hr
→ Weekly 1:1 meeting with Pharmacy Staff for Implementation, Education, & Accountability for 1 hr
→ Unlimited Text/Call/Email Support

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